Our hotel is situated in the locality of Torre di Barì, about 4 km from nearby Barisardo, on Sardinia’s Central-Eastern coast. Barisardo is a small town of 4000 inhabitants, an ancient hamlet located on the Teccu ‘e Su Crastu basalt plateau.
Originally called Barì, the name Bari Sardo dates back to 1862, when king Victor Emanuel II, with a royal decree, added the word “Sardo” (Sardinian) to Barì, to avoid confusion with the city in Apulia.

In the middle between two of the most important docking points of the Islands, Cagliari and Olbia, the proximity of Barisardo is definitely an advantage, and makes our hotel easy to reach:

From Olbia: from the port and airport you can reach our hotel taking the state road 131DCN towards Nuoro. Once you reach Nuoro, take the state road 389 and follow the signs for Tortolì-Arbatax. Approaching Tortolì, continue towards Barisardo. Travel time is two hours.

From Cagliari: from the port and airport take the state road 125 towards Villasimius-Muravera, follow the signs for Tortolì and take the exit towards Barisardo. You will reach our hotel in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The journey to reach our hotel will give you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and variety of the Sardinian landscape. The scent of wild herbs will accompany your sight: beaches, hills covered in mastic and rock roses, limestone mountains of the typical white color. And then short plains, wide valleys, forests. Often the sea will appear suddenly, taking you by surprise.