COME and discover the wonders of Ogliastra

Welcome to Ogliastra where adventure embraces the breathtaking beauty of nature.

The La Torre hotel is your starting point for an active holiday on the island: cycling along panoramic coastal paths up to the peaks of Gennargentu, trekking along some of the wildest stretches of Sardinia with breathtaking views, climbing, exploring picturesque underground environments and boat trips between remote coves and crystal clear waters.



Member of Roadbike

An active and ecological holiday: thanks to our fleet of bicycles available to rent, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the coast and hinterland of Ogliastra.The ideal habitat for mountain bike lovers among paths in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub and routes that lead to pristine coves.


Trekking and Tours

Discover our group or personalised trekking routes, immersing yourself in breathtaking trails.

From the trekking route in the Gorropu gorge or nature trails allowing you to discover the ancient Nuragic civilisation.

You will be able to admire mountain caves such as the Su Marmuri cave in Ulassai or Gairo Tarquisara, the su sterru gorge in Baunei, one of the highest chasms in Europe.

We can organise visits to the diaclasis of Perdas de Fogu, Sa Brecca.

You will be able to get to know our Domus de Janas, fairy houses or necropolises dug into the rock, such as those of Cardedu or visit the Nuraghi and the Litico di Baunei.

You can study personalised archaeological routes with a tourist guide
exclusive to you.


Free Climbing

Ogliastra is one of the most beautiful and famous regions of Sardinia for climbing enthusiasts. This place is full of incredible opportunities for climbers, offering a variety of challenges and breathtaking scenery. 

The legendary Aguglia, symbol of climbing in Sardinia and perhaps of the entire Mediterranean, captures the imagination of anyone who loves climbing. 

The finely chiselled limestone shields of Jerzu, Ulassai and Osini, together with the crowded crags of the Gallic village of Baunei and the selective and vertiginous walls of Punta Giradili, complete this authentic climbing paradise.


The caves

Exploring mysterious tunnels of a land millions of years old, you will embark on an extraordinary journey through hidden chasms, such as the majestic Grotta Su Marmuri between the heels of Ulassai and the picturesque Grotta del Fico in the underwater cavities. 

Along the wonderful cliffs of the Baunei coast, the last kingdom of the monk seal awaits you, a unique and fascinating place to discover.


Boat trips

Choose to extend your holiday and start one of the many sea excursions such as the motorboat excursion to the picturesque coves of the Gulf of Baunei.

Departure from Arbatax or Santa Maria Navarrese, continuing to the islet of Ogliastra, visit to Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola, Cala dei Gabbiani and visit to the Fico cave.

You will be able to see the small fjords of Porto Pedrosu and Portu Quau and admire Cala Goloritzè with its suggestive rock arch and limestone spire.

During the excursion, lunch will be served directly on the motorboat.

Departure at 07:30. Return to port at 17:30.

Exclusive and/or group excursions by dinghy, departing from the Hotel and heading to the fantastic pristine beaches of Su Zirboni. Snorkelling and aperitif on board.


Jeep Safari

Sardinia is an island full of beauties that vary from the sea to the mountains.

For a full 360° discovery, a jeep tour will take you into our hinterland, among diaclasis and unbridgeable beauties sculpted by the winds, landscapes of a distant time that still appear in their original beauty.


Snorkelling and Diving

A diving route designed for children and adults will allow you to discover the beauty of the still uncontaminated marine fauna of our coast, awarded several times with the Blue flag and thus, immersed in crystal clear turquoise coloured waters, you will have the opportunity to visit some old wrecks.

To complement everything, there is, subject to availability, the possibility of diving courses.



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Quad Biking

An original way to discover the nature of Ogliastrina.

An exciting excursion on top of a quad bike to discover the uncontaminated nature of Ogliastra with a visit to the natural pools where you can stop and possibly take a quick dip.